When a New LITA Group Is Created

  1. Staff creates the group in iMIS (the member database).
  2. Staff creates a Sympa mailing list for the group.
  3. Staff submits a request to ITTS to import the group into ALA Connect.
  4. If it’s a committee or task force, staff adds the group to the ALA Appointments Database.
  5. Staff notifies the Web Coordinating Committee chair when all of the above steps are complete and provides all necessary information about the group.
  6. WCC creates a committee, task force, or interest group page on the LITA website.
  7. WCC adds the group to the committees, task forces, or interest group page on the LITA website.
  8. If the group is an interest group, WCC adds it to the list of mailing lists on the LITA website.
  9. WCC adds the group to the appropriate navigation menus on the LITA website.
  10. President-Elect appoints new members if the group is a committee or task force.
  11. Once the chair is appointed, staff adds that person to the Chairs mailing list and Connect group.
  12. Once these steps are completed and the group has begun work, the chair uses the Communications and Marketing Committee’s (CAM’s) form to announce the group on social media. Chair can also write a blog post, and the Executive Director will include a link to the post in the next member newsletter.

process for acquiring LITA guides

As acquisitions editor I reach out to individuals who have done a presentation, taught a course, written a book or article, or done a poster session related to library technology. I work with the author or editor to develop the project and suggest additional authors if the lead author is having trouble pulling together a table of contents. The book proposal (on a standard form) goes to Charles with my recommendation. Charles calls an editorial board meeting and reviews the guide proposals. He then works out a contract with the author and gets an outside review of the proposals. This is where my job ends.