Software LITA Uses

Adobe Connect

  • Web conferencing software ALA uses
  • Runs our webinars
  • All LITA committees and interest groups can use this software (contact Mark to schedule meetings)
  • We pay a biennial fee to use it, although some ALA units pay for their own access to GoToMeeting, WebEx, or Zoom.

Cadmium = the software ALA Conference Services uses for Midwinter and Annual program proposals, program review by division juries, placing sessions in rooms, and generating the scheduler; used by the LITA Program Planning Committee to review LITA programs for Annual

Drupal = runs the ALA website and microsites and the forthcoming ALA eLearning and ALA Store sites; our Web Coordinating Committee (WCC) helps maintain our web pages

Higher Logic = will run the new version of ALA Connect and the appointments database; the new ALA Connect will go live on August 31

iMIS = the Association Management Software (AMS) that stores all of ALA’s information about members, committees, registrations, donations, and other billing activities; pronounced eye-miss; only staff have access


  • Email marketing platform ALA uses for eblasts because it’s connected to iMIS so it respects member communication preferences
  • Handles our daily join, renew, reinstate, and drop emails
  • Generates statistical reports for each mailing showing opens and clicks
  • Only staff have access to Informz, but we can send out marketing or survey emails on behalf of a LITA group

LibGuides = LITA has an account that member groups can use to host resources that are more difficult to build in Drupal or WordPress

Moodle = open source course management system hosted by ALA; runs our web courses

Prophix = the software all of ALA uses for budgeting; when you read LITA financial reports, they’re generated from Prophix; only staff has access

Sympa = open source software ALA uses for its mailing lists; all LITA committees and interest groups get a Sympa list they can use for communication

WordPress = runs LITA Blog, the Forum website,  our documentation site, and we’re moving all of our forms from Drupal into a WP site; contact the chair of the Web Coordinating Committee if your group wants to discuss using WordPress for a project or service

In addition to these resources, the Virtual Engagement Toolkit provides additional advice about resources and processes.