Instructional Technologies Interest Group – September 2018 Report

Recent Activities

First Activity
Since May, ALA Annual activities were completed:
Interest Group renewal form — Lilly gathered signatures for the LITAITIG 3 year renewal form from those reaching out with interest in LITAITIG, and attendees at the LITA All-Committees meeting. Form has been emailed to the LITA representatives.
Meets LITA’s strategic goals for Organizational Stability and Sustainability

Second Activity
ALA LITA All Committees meeting
Lilly Ramin created and emailed the agenda, held meeting at LITA All-Committees meeting slot and Greg Hardin (Secretary) posted the minutes to Minutes from June meeting were posted to ALA Connect LITAITIG community
(URL: )
Meets LITA’s strategic goals for Member Engagement

Third Activity
Submitted a program. Mark Beatty was very helpful in suggesting a partnership with Breanne and Publications Commitee. Partnered with LITA Publication Committee Richard Guajardo, to introduce the LITA Guide, Breanne Kirsch highlight 3 tools from her publication. Discussion and introduction to tools and LITA Instructional Technologies was lead by Chair, Lilly Ramin.

(About session:

Images/post in ALA LITA Instructional Technologies IG community

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Meets LITA’s strategic goals for Member Engagement

Fourth Activity
I (Lilly) submitted a proposal by the deadline for ALA 2019, this time focusing on tech a privacy. I reached out to a speaker and Bree will join in to help moderate the tech tools discussion. We will hear back on November 1st. Pictures here: (Post bitly url :
Meets LITA’s strategic goals for Member Engagement

What will your group be working on for the next three months?
If the proposal is accepted, there will be discussion on this.

Is there anything LITA could have provided during this time that would have helped your group with its work?
For membership renewals, I wonder LITA can send a call on the general listserv if an IG wants to be listed? Some ALA member supporters are ineligible to sign the petition because they haven’t yet signed up for LITA at time of renewal. As seen with other divisions, it would be helpful to have the IGs listed as people renew their general ALA membership. Just ideas 🙂

Additional comments or concerns:
Special thanks Mark and Jenny for their guidance so far!

Submitted by Lilly Ramin on 10/18/2018