Frederick G. Kilgour Award Committee – December 2018 Report

The group met 0 times this quarter.

Recent Activities

First Activity
The award was advertised by committee members and CAM, resulting in three qualified applicants.
Meets LITA’s strategic goals for Member Engagement

Second Activity
In the course of launching the award process this year, we discovered that the OCLC representative that normally works with the award committee had left the company. Thanks to Jenny’s efforts a new rep has been appointed and the process will continue uninterrupted.
Meets LITA’s strategic goals for Organizational Stability and Sustainability

What will your group be working on for the next three months?
Reviewing the 7 qualified applicants (three from this year and 4 from previous years) and selecting one applicant for the award

Is there anything LITA could have provided during this time that would have helped your group with its work?

Please provide suggestions for future education topics, initiatives, publications, resources, or other activities that could be developed based on your group’s work.

Submitted by Aimee Fifarek on 01/08/2019