LITA / Hi Tech Award Committee – December 2018 Report

The group met 1 time this quarter.

Recent Activities

First Activity
Met to discuss what to do about the lack of nominations for the award. Our goal was to have multiple solid nominations so that the committee has an actual decision to make. We determined to (1) increase the reminders about the announcement, (2) reach out to individuals who were involved enough in the community to make thoughtful nominations, and (3) extend the deadline until mid-January, so it’s not lost in the holidays.
We then decided to meet next in mid-January to determine how to proceed, on the assumption that we would have received some solid nominations.
Meets LITA’s strategic goals for Member Engagement

What will your group be working on for the next three months?
We will make explicit factors that we will consider in selecting an award recipient. We will also leave some record of our process, so that future committees will have a little more of a documented process and more explicit framework for selecting a recipient.

Please provide suggestions for future education topics, initiatives, publications, resources, or other activities that could be developed based on your group’s work.
We have given Jenny some suggestions for things to be included in next year’s announcement, based on questions from nominators and committee members.

Additional comments or concerns:
My main concern has been how to provide some sense of continuity for subsequent years. The other concern is that a Dec. 31 close of nominations seems pre-ordained to come into conflict with the holidays and other end-of-year activities. So it would be good to consider changing that, or perhaps better to raise that up-front with next year’s committee and let then decide how to deal with the timing.

Submitted by Tod Olson on 01/19/2019