Working with your chair

Reach out to establish a relationship

  • Reach out to your chair & vice-chair soon after Annual.
  • Set up a meeting in advance of the September 15 reporting deadline, if at all possible.
  • Get to know them, and ask about their goals for the year.
  • Explain your role as liaison.

Make sure they have a plan

  • Do they have goals, and are they more or less consistent with the strategic plan? Great! Cheer them on and ask if they need any help from you.
  • Do they have goals that aren’t consistent with the strategic plan? Appreciate their initiative but make sure they know what LITA needs of them, and brainstorm together about things they’re excited about doing that align better.
  • Do they not have goals? Support them in brainstorming, or assign tasks if needed.
  • Not having goals is a red flag; they may need extra support from you or the committee chair coordinator. Make sure to check in with them regularly.

Monitor progress

  • Meet with your chair & vice-chair regularly; at least quarterly, and monthly for more active committees.
  • Asynchronous communication like email and chat are great, but regularly scheduled meetings help with structure & motivation.

[TODO: what do you do if your committee is not making good progress?]