LITA President’s Journal – Annual 2016 conference – July 15, 2016

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Andromeda’s Appointments Application:
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Post Conference items completed:

  • Handed off appointments to VP – first year for Appointments committee in 2016-2017.
  • Discussed areas of focus with VP
  • Had initial one on one call with ED.
  • Messaged membership about police shootings in Dallas, since Forum will be in Ft. Worth in November.
  • Started work on Board Liaison Assignments discussion
  • Completed strategic plan based on ExCo discussion – final draft due next week Tuesday to ExCo.
  • Nominating committee – should have been finalized by Annual – discussed membership with chair this week, will get approval from board with connect poll.  Nomination slate due to ED November 1st

To Do:

  • Finalize Board Liaison Roles
  • Schedule initial Board meeting – Doodle Poll already in progress.
  • Send “what happened at Annual” bullets to Com/IG chairs list – include info re strategic plan
  • Draft initial general communication for LITA Blog/LITA-L
  • Find volunteers to create “liaison responsibilities doc” based on YALSA and ACRL examples
  • Make sure to finalize issues with Nadaleen, Colby
  • Review ITTS Strategic Plan
  • Learn more about Emerging Leader process – proposals due October 3


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Key Activities for July/August (post Annual)

  • Update text of membership emails (join, renew, drop, reinstate)
  • Schedule first Board Meeting & plan meeting schedule
  • Assign Board Liaison Roles – note:  do this in RT – trying to do it via email is MESSY!
  • Finalize/update strategic/tactical plan
  • Finalize Nominations committee (if not already done)

LITA President’s Journal – Annual 2016 conference – July 15, 2016

Things you write

  • Announcements of upcoming meetings (as needed but at least 10 days in advance of meetings; sent directly to LITA-L)
  • President’s Report (Midwinter, Annual; submitted to Executive Director)
    • Write this as you go (at least in note form) — your life will be easier
  • ITAL column (quarterly; submitted to ITAL editor and CC:ed to Executive Director)
  • Thank-you letters to donors (as needed; ED will provide stationery and contact information)
  • Add/drop/renew form letters (at beginning of year, to be sent by ALA automatically on trigger events; submitted to ED)