LITA Top Tech Trends Panel – Submission Guidelines

Current Description from Self Nomination Form:

The LITA Top Tech Trends Program is a panel discussion featuring technology leaders from throughout the library world. Panelists are asked to choose two technology trends they anticipate will impact libraries and our users in the near future. These trends are introduced individually by the panelists, then discussed by the entire panel, guided by a moderator. The audience is encouraged to participate with questions. 

Have a tech topic on your mind? Volunteer as a Panelist for the LITA Top Tech Trends Program at ALA Midwinter by filling in the form below.

The LITA Top Tech Trends Committee will review each submission and choose panelists based on the topics proposed (see selection criteria below), speaker experience, and the overall balance of the panel.


Things to think about elaborating on: 

Proposed Topics

  • Technology focused
  • Not necessarily library related
  • Potentially impacting the lives of our patrons within 2-10 years
  • Could cause a significant shift or disruption in the library and information world

Please describe the trend as well as the ways in which you see it impacting libraries and library users within the next several years. Please Consider:

  • What changes might this technology bring to the ways libraries operate and provide services?
  • How could the development of this technology create new opportunities and disruptions culturally, socially, and economically?
  • What will this mean for our users, both in their daily lives and in the way they interact with information?

Not looking for:

  • Developments to a specific brand or software or hardware
  • Current use of technology in libraries 

Selection Criteria:

Panelists will be invited to participate in the session based on:

  • Relevance and possible impact of proposed topics
  • Expression of possible impact of proposed topics on libraries
  • Relation of proposed topics to others proposed
  • Speaker experience, credentials, and presentation skills
  • Consideration for balancing the panel with representatives from a variety of backgrounds and library types