Bylaws and Organization Committee


The Bylaws and Organization Committee maintains the bylaws of the division and advises the LITA Board regarding structural and organizational concerns in the division. Specific tasks include:

      • To recommend amendments to the bylaws of the division and to report upon proposals for amendments referred to the committee.
      • To review and monitor current policies and procedures of the division to ensure consistency with the bylaws and to propose revisions to the bylaws if necessary.
      • To advise the Board of Directors, and through it the division membership, on the establishment, functions, and discontinuance of committees, interest groups, and other organization entities as the needs of the division require.
      • To review on a periodic basis all LITA liaisons to internal and external, temporary and permanent groups, to ensure that the liaison relationship is consistent with LITA mission and goals and that the relationship is being carried out according to LITA policy and procedures.

The Committee shall recommend the name and size of the division committees, and may recommend special regulations concerning the composition of each committee and the appointment and terms of office of each of its members.

The Committee shall review each committee on a periodic basis concerning the committee’s relevance and success in meeting the mission and goals of the division.
Petitions for interest groups must be resubmitted to the Bylaws and Organization Committee every three years and re-approved by the LITA Board; otherwise, the Bylaws Committee shall recommend to the Board that the interest group be dissolved.