Communications and Marketing

The Communications & Marketing Committee (CaM) is a standing committee that develops and implements LITA’s strategic communications and marketing plan to promote LITA’s mission, vision, values, and important news around membership, publications, education, volunteering, events, and more. The committee is also responsible for establishing best practices for style and content that is used in social media communication formats and will work closely with the LITA Staff, Web Coordinating Committee, and the Education Committee.

The LITA Blog is a subcommittee of CaM, with at least one Blog editor serving as a full committee member on CaM. CAM and the Blog editors collaboratively establish an editorial calendar of communications content for the division.

Work includes the following:

      • Facilitate and promote participation to increase membership value, benefits, and satisfaction
      • Provide content ideas as needed
      • Post and assess content through LITA’s various social media channels
      • Promote best practices through various media channels


The Communications Committee consists of no fewer than 8 members, each appointed for 2 years in staggered terms.

      • One (1) Board Liaison
      • One (1) Staff Liaison
      • One (1) member of this committee will serve as liaison to the LITA Web Coordinating Committee
      • One (1) member of the Web Coordinating Committee shall be the Web Coordinating Committee’s liaison to this committee

Liaison’s to Other LITA Committees

Current liaisons to LITA Committees.

      • LITA Forum Planning Committee
      • Education Committee
      • Membership Development Committee

LITA Blog Subcommittee

The LITA Blog advances the LITA mission to educate, serve, and reach out to all ALA members in the areas of information technology and to promote LITA programs, conferences, projects, and ongoing activities.

A volunteer community of bloggers will be recruited from the LITA membership to report on LITA and ALA programs, and on library conferences and news of interest to the LITA community.

A chair (or co-chairs) leads and coordinates the community of bloggers. This is a subcommittee of the LITA Communications and Marketing Committee.